Sick to the Bone it’s the second full-length album by Laino & Broken Seeds, released for Off Label Records on May 2021.

Recorded as an all-analogue album in Italy the tracks have been mixed in Chicago IL by famous producer JD Foster (Calexico, Marc Ribot, Lucinda Williams).

Inspired by a passion for Sci-fi literature, acid rock, and the magic power of a cranked tube amp, the new album includes 8 tracks that sum up the band’s psychedelic rock attitude and heavy blues sound.

“The name of this album sounded really different to me when pandemic spread across the world and affected our lives in such a profound way”. In March 2020 Laino and his band just finished recording all the instrumental and voice tracks in the superb facility of Duna Studio in Italy. “Just a few days after we all were all in lockdown here in Italy. Everybody had to stop their usual activity and many musicians had to face the fact that live music was no longer an option”. Luckily the mixing of the album proceeded overseas where J.D. Foster shaped the final sound of Sick to the Bone album.

The power trio led by guitarist and songwriter Andrew Laino includes Gioele Pagliaccia (Will Bernard, Idris & The Pyriamids, Joe Lally),  on drums and percussion, and Rocco Del Pozzo on electric bass.

Founded in the city of Bologna, the band has been active since 2015. After a short trip in the USA, Laino, arrived at his “crossroads” in a smoky, blues bar on the Upper West Side of New York City after a soulful performance by a local bluesman. Suddenly he realized which road to choose: writing songs and digging in the musical language of the blues. He then returned to Italy with a notebook full of stories, transformed them into songs with a resonator guitar, and played them on the streets of Bologna.

After the self-released EP Broken Seeds, the band produced The Dust I Own, its debut album for Off Label Records in 2017.

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Press Review

Classic Rock Magazine

Aufgrund dieser abwechslungsreichen Fülle eine kaufenswerte Scheibe. 

Rolling Stone Germany

Immer gut, wenn der Blues es sich nicht in der Vergangenheit allzu gemütlich macht

Munchner Merkur Newspaper

“A gripping, captivating and of Exciting album from start to finish between delta blues and psychedelic”

Blues Matters (UK)

“Here’s one that throws away the blues blinkers”

Wasser-Prawda (Germany)

“If you like blues without clichés and with corners and edges, this disc will love!”


“On one hand it is certainly this dirty, scrapy vintage sound, on the other the striking song, which sounds rough and whiskey, but also always lets a subtle Italian accent glimmer through. This sounds just extremely cool and I would really like to listen

Soultrain (Germany)

“Laino & Broken Seeds “The Dust I Own” is earthy, filthy, smoky, slanting and enthralling – electrifying – from the crest to the rocking sole – cool”

Rock Time (Germany)

“The composition “The Dust In Own” is a bless for our ears”

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